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Locally Inspired Cocktails Debut at New Leaf

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After some serious taste-testing – because we take our jobs seriously – we are proud to announce seven new cocktails. We’ve added a few brand new, original mixes and added a new spin on some oldies but goodies. Stop by and try out our new drinks, including:

  • Heather Garden, (formerly the Tea Rose Martini) is made with organic Earl Grey infused gin, elderflower liqueur and rose water.
    Named in honor of the Heather Garden located just a short walk away from New Leaf and one of the largest heather and heath gardens on the East Coast.
  • Northern Manhattan, (formerly the Cherry Manhattan) infused with cherry bourbon, cherry brandy and bitters.
  • Margaret Corbin, our new sparkling cocktail, is made with Paul Louis champagne and lavender infused simple syrup, while a dash of cassis adds sweetness and a beautiful purple hue. Named after the late Margaret Corbin, who during the Revolutionary War, took control of her fallen husband’s cannon and fought during the 1776 battle to defend Fort Tryon.
  • Billings Fizz is made with American Harvest organic vodka (handcrafted in small batches from organic wheat), blood orange juice, rosemary infused simple syrup and finished with soda water for a light fizz, garnished with fresh sprig of rosemary. Named after the late Cornelius Billings, one of our more elaborate cocktails. Billings’ Estate, part of Fort Tryon’s history, was located just north of us. Billings owned a lodge with stables for entertaining guests. Later in 1907, he had a French-style mansion overlooking the Hudson River. The lavish house had a heated swimming pool and a bowling alley. He sold it to Rockefeller in 1916 and the house burned down in 1926.
  • Olmsted’s Sidecar is made with Koval organic ginger liqueur (produced by a craft distillery in Chicago and hand bottled), pear cognac and lemon. Named for Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., the landscape architect who planned Fort Tryon Park, which was completed in 1935. He is the son of the designer of Central Park.
  • New Berry is made with mezcal, fresh blackberries, lime is a new twist on the former ‘blackberry margarita’. El Tinieblo Mezcal, has a strong smokey flavor tone and is similar to tequila as it is also made from wild agave. The distinct smoky flavor of mezcal is due to the process of cooking agave using Mesquite wood and then distilling it twice.
  • Adam’s Ruin (formally known as ‘Hot Apple Jammy’) is made with spiced rum, hot apple cider, cinnamon, and whipped cream.

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